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Oral Presentation Instructions

  • All the oral sessions will take place at the Noh Theatre.
  • Each Contributed Oral is allotted 15 or 20 minutes
    depending on the session program.
  • Each Invited Oral is allotted 30 minutes.
  • All the oral presenters should arrange their talk so that
    we keep time of 5 minutes available for question and discussion.
  • For the oral session, a Windows PC with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
    and Adobe Acrobat 10 is prepared on the stage.
    We recommend all the oral presenters to use the PC.
  • In the Editors Room, we prepare another PC with
    the same configuration for checking the slide operation.
    All the oral presenters are requested to check
    the slide operation before the session.
  • Presentation files should be uploaded to the JACoW SPMS server
    and/or supplied on disc or memory stick and taken
    well in advance(>1 hour) of your Session to the conference secretariat
    where your presentation will be uploaded and tested.
  • The presentation files will be posted on the Conference Web.
    The authors are kindly asked to check if their presentations
    can be posted as it is.
    If the authors prefer revised versions to be posted,
    please upload the revised files to the SPMS server or bring them
    directly to the conference secretariat, but only after the Session.
  • It is prohibited to step up on the stage with your shoes on.
    You are kindly requested to change into indoor shoes at the downstage.
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