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The easiest way to come to Nara from Kansai International Airport is to use a limousine bus. We recommend using the limousine bus because it brings you to JR Nara station without a transfer. It takes about 90 min. and the fare is JPY 2,000 per person.
Time table : http://www.kate.co.jp/pc/e_time_table/e_nara.html
General information: http://www.kate.co.jp/pc/e_lim_guide/e_lim.html
How to purchase the bus ticket http://www.kate.co.jp/pc/e_lim_guide/e_howto.html
Bus stop map: http://www.kate.co.jp/pc/e_lim_guide/e_kanku_map.html
At the bus stop [9], you can catch the limousine bus to Nara.
You can purchase the bus ticket using a ticket vending machine in front of the bus stop.

The limousine bus stops at "Nara Hotel", "Kintetsu Nara Station" and "JR Nara Station".
You can find more detailed city information on the following sites.
Nara City Sightseeing Information Center
A journey to the ancient city

The conference site is about 2.5 km distant from the JR Nara station and 1.4 km from the Kintetsu Nara station. You can use local bus transportation between them. http://www.shinkokaido.jp/english/index.html

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